Piper Labor Time Schedule 753-779

Times in hours Piper recommends to perform service for their dealers.

Nice way to estimate labor on your airplane.

 Example: time to change mixture cable, PA-18-150 2 hours,

PA23-250 10 hours.

Issued March 1968 revisions to November 1996

has 76 pages.

Includes Models
PA-18-150/PA-23-250 /
23-250 Turbo/PA-24/PA-25/PA-28-140 through -181
PA-30 / 39/PA-31/PA-31P / 31P-350/PA-31T
PA-32-260 / 300/ 301 /301T/PA-32RT-300 /300T/PA-34
PA-36/PA-38-112/PA-42, PA-42-720 / 720R
PA-42-1000/PA-44/PA-46 310P/PA-46-350P

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Download Ebook